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I believe YOU have an extraordinary gift that will make a positive impact in the world.

Be authentic.

About Me…
I am a life-long student and word nerd. I love learning, traveling, trying new things, and meeting new people. I have been to many different countries, most of the 50 states, and still love hanging out in my yard. I am always studying something new, reading a book, or chilling out with my family. I have strong feelings about the Oxford comma and enjoy learning new “SAT words.” I have 2 kids and furry family members in my house.

I was raised by a strong single mom who taught me how to work hard, be independent, give generously, and enjoy the gift of a good laugh. I bring this positive energy and strong, smart work ethic to everything I do. You get high-quality, high-value work. I bring my best, authentic self to the table, and I want you to do the same.

What’s the PEAK in Peak City Copy?


I get to live in the beautiful small town of Apex, NC – also known as the “Peak of Good Living.” Apex…peak..the best, the zenith, TOPS! Get it? This is what I strive to bring to my clients – the most effective, best copy I can bring. I want YOUR business to be at it’s peak and support that through amazing copy!

I am so “peak proud” to call this town my home that it inspired my business name. Apex is quickly growing (the secret is out). Kind and generous people are easily found around every corner. And I work to bring YOU the peak of good copy: authentic, clear, valuable.

You have Qs, I have As.

I am currently booking out 2-4 weeks. If you need something sooner, let’s chat. It may be doable but rush jobs do cost extra. Contact me today, don’t wait, it will only take longer.

We have our 30-minute free consultation after you fill out the short form and your 50% deposit secures your spot! The sooner we do this, the sooner we can get started!

Most projects include 2 rounds, but most rarely need both.

My process is proven and research-based. Conversion copywriting is more in-depth than your average copywriter so it is more of a time and cost commitment for your business. In return, you get a stellar product, which makes it more likely for you to see RESULTS!

I wish! Truth be told – copywriting is only part of the picture. Successful results also depend on the quality of your list, having a proven offer, and other variables that will factor into your results.

Conversion copywriting is a special mix of art and science with a healthy dose of research. I have invested in my own training so I can deliver a truly top-notch product to you. An hourly rate becomes a race to the bottom – in cost and quality. With conversion copywriting, when you put the price of the project into perspective of ROI, you’ll often find it’s well worth the investment. The impact and value it can bring to your business can be substantial over time.

My copy is delivered using Google docs, and this is how you return draft revisions. Copy deliverables also come with a video of me walking you through implementation of each copy piece.

If you are local or far away, we meet via zoom – this allows me to focus on our conversations and transcribe our conversations rather than a bunch of note-taking! If you’re local, we can meet in one of Apex’s awesome locations!

No problem – email me at: _( and I’ll get right back to you!

No matter how we work together, this remains: I meet you where YOU are, together we plan what YOUR business needs, and I get your words working for YOU!